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The Root of Wealth Encounter The Root of Wealth Encounter Generated by Overglow Media

The Root of Wealth Encounter

By Published August 12, 2021

Wealth is having adequate physical or abundance possessions to live and flourish as a human being. Basically, the root of wealth creation is God the creator of all things (Gen1:1) of which nothing was made until He made them (Jn 1:3. Col 1:16).

 Wealth extends to exploring opportunities, observe and taking advantage of changes that turn problems into solutions. One of the fundamental principles that everything of value carries a price tag extends to Wealth Encounter.

 It is never a smooth route to ride on, neither does it respect location nor education. Without attempt, there is no attainment (Deut. 8:18) and until one overcomes scarcity they cannot overcome poverty.


Wealth is about financial intelligence which is very crucial to excelling in today’s world. Financial Insight is often said to bring Financial Increase while Financial Ignorance is said to bring Financial Shortage.

 The fact remains that genuine wealth encounter evolves around acting on what God says in order to take delivery of what God has in stock for us. Deut 28:8.

This ultimate act will lead to a result-oriented idea that will make you to rule the material world, stand firm as a market leader, remain unyielding, and never give up.

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