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The Power in the Word The Power in the Word Generated by Overflow Media

The Power in the Word

By Published August 12, 2021

What is in a Word?

Everything is in the Word. The beginning of creation itself is an outcome of the power in the Word. Gen 1:1. Words carry volume.  Word is the basic connection that begins the power to flow. It is powerful, informational, and imperative.  What we know from the Word will determine what we will show in the world. Contemplate on the Creator of the universe who considered absolutely nothing in His creation worth swearing with and had to swear by Himself Hebrew 6:13-18 orchestrating Power in the Word.


The significance of the word is often revealed from its source. Little wonder, faith comes by hearing the word of God in so much so as fear comes by hearing the word of the devil.  This is clearly demonstrated in the temptation of Jesus where on several occasions, Satan attempted to crave worship, please notice; by His spoken word. The King of glory maintained His deserved authority also by His spoken word.


To make God’s word flow through one’s life naturally as part of your day-to-day lifestyle is what transforms knowledge into power that creates change.

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