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How to Access Divine Guidance

By Published October 12, 2013

Accessing Divine Guidance!
It begins with consciously creating a serene and quiet atmosphere around you. This course can only be determined by you. You must deliberately be prepared to hear by observing quietness both inside and outside Pro 18:1-Through desire a man having separated himself…… This is so necessary because, the still small voice of God is still speaking and will never compete with other voices to get to you as indicated in Isaiah 30:21- Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way: walk in it.”

Access to divine guidance comes in various ways. It can come through the ministering of the teaching Priest. Jer. 3:15 God will give you a Pastor which will feed you…). The difference between Church and the classroom is the Revelational Knowledge acquired in the Church. It is the teaching of the Holy Spirit and Pastors who are God’s oracles are the teachers. Every preaching is a concept counseling you into great things. Your serious attention is required having in mind that, one word can settle several years of challenge. Interestingly in the Church gatherings, God is present as the Judge of all, Jesus as the Mediator of the new covenant, innumerable companies of Angels as witnesses, the spirit of just men made perfect are also present. The roll call is too strong for you to end up as a loser while in Church. 

Divine guidance can also be accessed through being joyousl. Your joy is so crucial and must be guarded jealously. Regardless of what you have lost in life, remain in God’s light and retain your joy. The truth of the matter is that you’re in the night seasons of your life when things are going wrong when things are not working. What sustains you at such an instant is the ability to stay joyful. The moment you lose your joy, you will lose everything.

Someone narrated a story where Satan organized trade fare in hell and invited human beings to come and buy. He put everything that he has (fornication, murder, theft, oppression, wrath, contention, lies, envy, (you name it) and put a price tag on them. Now human beings were excited to buy and once they buy Satan doesn’t have it again. One of the participants observed that Satan kept one thing in his possession which he refused to put up for sale.  The man summoned the courage to approach him and ask, Mr. Satan, what’s your problem? You’ve sold all the big things but why keep this small one? Satan busted into laughter as he replied, this little item of mine is little in the sight of men but I tell you that, once I put it to work, I’ll definitely get back everything I’ve sold. Really? the man asked out of curiosity, just what is this small thing? Satan responded; it is called a kiosk. Wherever there’s kiosk he continued, there’s all manner of evil. You can call it, a total sum of everything I put up for sale. He retorted disdainfully. In the kingdom of God, the reverse is the case. From the moment you were born again, you were brought into a life of unending joy. The word “gospel” means “good news,” which should be received with a level of cultivating a spirit of joy and gratitude. When you yield in obedience to God’s instruction, you are joyful, and guess what? joy attracts joy. Everything in God’s kingdom is basically joy compliance, so when you have joy, you have everything. Isaiah 12:13 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. There’s a saying that, those who pray are looking unto God but those who praise, God is looking for them. You are joyful when you praise and when you are excitedly rejoicing, the direction is received. Time spent with God will bring clarity, peace, and you.

Another conviction of God’s guidance is the liberty of spirit. This is like at a point when you want to do a thing, or take a decision on some issues and that feeling of an unexplainable excitement fills you up. This expression is a display that, God is in it. On the other hand, whenever you feel disarrayed, oppressed, heaviness in your heart when you are about to do something; the unrest is an alert that it is not the will of God.

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