In a confused world. filled with lives of tribulations, times of weeping, hours of disintegration, setbacks, uncertainty, devastations and a whole lot more, the entire system is in dire need of those who do not only lead but do much more to repair and restore hope.  

Presently, various folks in their distinctive mode of operation claim to be renovators, repairers, builders you name it but the big question still remains, who really is a Repairer?

A repairer is a unique individual anointed of God. He makes God Lord of all as an addicted lover and engages in mending.  He is a special breed on God’s list that matters to God (Rev 21:3), a restorer of what is lost who engages in mending. He is someone that stands up among many with the primary concern of looking after those who are not united and seek ways to join them together. A repairer is someone chosen among the brethren, an Individual chosen in their respective industries. They are not just leaders but special leaders raised in divers’ environment to say enough is enough, let’s get it done the way it should be. When a repairer appears in a place, things begin to go right.

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