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Question 1
Why do brothers in church in spite of the command from God, for the marriage bed to be undefiled, still ask for sex during dating and courtship? (Heb. 13:4)


I have Dominion. My goods worth 7 million was stagnated in the warehouse for 5 years, on a particular Sunday, God’s servant Pastor Triumphant Obamoh asked us to get the Dominion Everywhere and Overflow Stickers. That in 14 seconds, minutes, hours and maximum 14 days, we shall be visited. I responded accordingly by buying and also placing the stickers on my warehouse door and declared as God’s servant instructed.

The next day, two trailers arrived at my warehouse and bought all my goods. Thereafter, another 12 trailers of the goods have been cleared; amazingly I am on my way to China for more goods. To God be the glory for confirming the words of His servant.

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