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Acts of a Mighty God in our Midst Acts of a Mighty God in our Midst Acts of a Mighty God in our Midst

Acts of a Mighty God in our Midst

By Overflow Radio Media Published August 04, 2020


I have Dominion. My goods worth 7 million was stagnated in the warehouse for 5 years, on a particular Sunday, God’s servant Pastor Triumphant Obamoh asked us to get the Dominion Everywhere and Overflow Stickers. That in 14 seconds, minutes, hours and maximum 14 days, we shall be visited. I responded accordingly by buying and also placing the stickers on my warehouse door and declared as God’s servant instructed.

The next day, two trailers arrived at my warehouse and bought all my goods. Thereafter, another 12 trailers of the goods have been cleared; amazingly I am on my way to China for more goods. To God be the glory for confirming the words of His servant.



I visited this Church as a Muslim on official duty with the Governor of the State, and I heard a testimony of someone whose stagnated goods worth millions was sold off the next day after buying and placing the Church Dominion and Overflow stickers on the door of the warehouse. Therefore, I gave my life to Christ and bought the same stickers, at home I wrapped my rank with and declared as God’s servant Pastor Triumphant Obamoh declared in 14 seconds, minutes, hours and maximum days I shall be promoted.

Brethren by Friday of the next week, I was promoted and decorated from Lieutenant Cornel to Brigadier General in 14 days. Indeed, God performs the counsel of His messenger in this Church. Thank you, Jesus.

Brig. M.



My mother had been afflicted for some years now. All medical treatment proved abortive. Her two legs were swollen up like elephantiasis but it was strange. After hearing the testimony of a brother’s mother who was healed from a very strange sickness, I proceeded to the book shop and purchased the miracle stickers of dominion everywhere and overflow sticker. So, every night, I would tie the sticker on her swollen legs and say, ‘sticker you are no respecter of person, honor your servant in 14 days’.

Miraculously, we started noticing sand on her bed every morning. But we were thinking it came from her feet and yet every day the sand on the bed seemed mysterious. The legs started reducing and in less than 14 days, the swelling vanished. We now noticed that my Auntie’s leg I the village have now swollen 2 times the size of my mother’s legs. She is now screaming   Mrs Martha ID.



I have come to return glory to God of Dominion for visiting me and my family within 14 days as God’s servant has spoken. After Thursday of the spiritual week of emphasis which dangerous prayers were declared, my family was a target.

Wed have gone through many afflictions before and after my father died in 1998, our lives turned upside down. After the service I bought “Dominion Everywhere sticker and overflow sticker” the next morning I headed to the village. All I did was put stickers in my father’s house in the village and I told the stickers if truly you sent this man of God prove yourself.

Surprisingly, things began to change. Tomorrow makes it 14 days and the following have already happened. The job I lost for six years has been restored miraculously, three (3) of my sisters who had marital challenges have been approached for marriage. Two of their bride price paid in less than 2 weeks. Three of my uncles just died mysteriously 2 days after I pasted the sticker, both confessing. The strange illness that plagued my mother mysteriously ceased, the house which no one ever desired to be around since 1998 has been rented by a reputable construction company for their office. Indeed 2019 is my year of total dominion. To God be the glory.

 Bro. Chukwuemeka O.



I want to return glory to God of overflow for what He did for me last week Friday. I was in Church on Thursday and heard a testimony of the Military man who got promoted supernaturally and keyed into the testimony. I had a interview with one of the oil companies

(Total Oil and Gas) on Friday 8th February, 2019. I went after the service and got the sticker too: ‘Dominion Everywhere’ and the ‘Overflow’ stickers. I parked my credentials and left for Port Harcourt the next day. To my surprise, over 100 people were short listed: I was scared to be sincere but Mega Pastor’s song “dominion everywhere, testimony everyday” began singing inside me. Everybody had 15 minutes interview, when it was my turn, the panel’s first question was; can we have your credentials? I hurriedly pulled them out because of the nervousness: the credentials dropped on the floor. The Leader of the panel helped to pick them up. Surprisingly, the stickers were inside the credentials. The man picked up and asked “is this part of the credentials”? I said yes, it is part of my life. He passed it to all other people on the panel. When the sticker got back to the Chairman, he asked me to wait outside that they are done with me.

He came out 30 minutes later, beckoned on me and told me “I have adopted you, you are starting work immediately”. He directed me to the next facility. I submitted my credentials and within 30 minutes my appointment letter was delivered to me. I was posted off-shore and a wow package running in six digits. This is the God of Mega Overflow at work.

I give God all the glory.

  Engr. Nsikan B.



I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for the past 9 years. I was invited to Living Faith Church, Ikorodu by my friend. It was Covenant Day of Fruitfulness. God’s servant, Pastor Obamoh Triumphant prayed for me in the year 2008. After a year, God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. Today, 4th October 2018, my daughter is 9 years old now. I have come to return the glory that never fails.

  Mrs Olotu Toyin Elizabeth



After Covenant Hour of Prayer, God’s servant laid his hands on my hand and said that I will receive favor. Immediately after the prayers, I received a call to come and repair 100 pieces of phones for him. I have never seen such a thing before since I started repairing phones. Secondly, this morning, when I woke up, somebody blessed me with a material gift. I have come to return all the glory the God of this commission.

 Olufemi Divine

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